Help Stop Janet Lyness and the Johnson County Criminal
Justice System’s War Against Minorities and the Poor!
The Infamous ICPD
Recruitment Video!!
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Janet Lyness Disproportionately
Prosecuting African Americans!
Janet Lyness Prosecuting
Marijuana For Personal Use!
Janet Lyness Petty Arrests For
Public Intoxication!
Janet Lyness Participating in the
Criminalization of Homelessness!
"I recently called over to the jail
and asked them how many people
have been in jail for marijuana
during the past two years.
Their answer: zero."
- Janet Lyness, speaking at the
county Democratic convention
Together We Can Stop the Janet Lyness For County Attorney Campaign!
Janet Lyness and Her Supporters
Will See This Hit Counter.
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Perjury, Political Favors, Malicious
Prosecutions, Criminalizing HIV Status,
Protecting Workplace Abusers, Prison
For Profit, Overprosecution, Jailing the
Mentally Ill, Fighting Progressive Change…
Paid For By Those Who Are Sick of Janet Lyness and Her Lying Friends 2014
Some Say County Attorney Janet Lyness 
Potentially Aided a Cover Up of the
Murder of a Local Homeless Immigrant.